Build sustainable value

Value, then how? Your result, our promise!

Deploying our program in your organization must add value to you in any way, have results and no different!

To this end, money is still the ultimate ‘means of exchange’.

Also an experience, being appreciated, a pat on the back, can be translated somewhere into, for example, the investment of our program, that it was ‘worth’. To this end, we take care of every proposal that contains a financial section with relevant figures.


The Human factor can make a 50% difference in your business objectives!

While it is precisely in this often is being cut

People naturally want to make a valuable effort. Through a contribution to the group, previously seen, heard, and appreciated. This ‘compliant’ principle, which is the opposite for some, also includes very emphatic ‘clumsiness’, which often have the opposite effect in stressful situations. This almost always happens unconsciously. Organizing new sustainable behavior requires more than one week!

Our program provides support for attitude and behavior that grows with time, for appropriate interventions with sustainable value. Restructuring, expanding or shrinking existing organizational units, we simply have to face it before serious remediation becomes inevitable! Now in action!

Drs. P

Roses wither and ships perish, so don’t moan, but do something about it.


Erving Goffman in his publications (1956 – 1974) already describes phenomena in which the higher up the organization one ends up, the more things are only discussed. Actual action is increasingly being omitted. The consequences of this are enormous. We create awareness and this human and inefficient process. With of course also appropriate interventions on this phenomenon!


To put a stop to this within a board, management team or management team. We are in favor of setting up a new pattern and also doing it sustainably as required!

We have been active in the market since 1999 with a continuous improvement program.

Annual saving

>> 5%


>> 10%

Result improvement



>> 10%


Without this process, we simply would not have succeeded!

M.R., CEO, semi-governmental, South of the Netherlands

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