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Our Vision

Anno 2020, ever-increasing technological developments, boundaries that continue to blur. Internationally, President Trump responds to a tweet from a Dutchman who is currently in China. And that is just one example of globalization.
All this is possible thanks to the technology in the service of humans. Automation, algorithms, artificial intelligence all of this time.

Only without people, the person himself, as a customer, as a consumer, as an employee, as an owner, does it not mean so much. So in the end it’s all about that “human”!

Within the work domain, everything that no longer requires people is simply the next machine. So where people remain, it remains “people” work. These human qualities are therefore unique and therefore invaluable.

People are curious, want to develop, want to make themselves known to the world, want to feel valued, and want to make a contribution. Meaning, adding value, are essential for people.

In business terms, inflows, throughflows and outflows apply to all involved! In addition, there are new generations such as the Millennials (born between 1981 and 2000) and subsequent generation Z, who are populating the labor market. In terms of transfer, retention is increasingly essential! All this and the unavoidable outflow together; man is and remains the critical success factor! And with a new measurement technology, real-time data is also available!

In our view, all earnings models, forms of management, and management are put in a new light. The culture shift, all attitude and behavior.

We have the tools for your organization!


We first observed behavioral phenomena from our own experience (1999). We have developed a culture / attitude and behavioral change process around it (2005). Years later, the observations and subsequent interventions appear to be fully scientifically supported (2014 – 2020).

The measurability of our method has been developed separately (2013 -2020) within KeenCorp BV. In our view, all earnings models, forms of management, and management are put in a new light. The culture shift, all attitude and behavior and measurable too.

From our research, in particular also by Jaap Geenen, we were able to trace our first roots to William James with publications between 1884 and 1907. For the publications that are relevant to us, see downloads. The Floyd Allport and Gordon Allport brothers prove that behavior is more causal than causal in terms of ‘on-goings’.
Then we come across Erving Goffman with publications between 1956 and 1974. In his piece “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” he describes phenomena that are still valid today. Very special.

The next scientist to which our interventions can be related in a more direct sense is William Kahn with publications between 1990 and 2013. He brought the ‘Engagement’ into the world. You can also find relevant papers in our downloads.

In the same period we also find Klaus Scherer (publications 1982 – 2019), Daniel Jurafski (2018) and Nancy Rotbard (2001 – 2011).

Where Goffman razor-sharply highlights the various roles with involvement on the background, Kahn continues. We have linked the psycholinguistics of Newman & Pennebaker based on Goffman’s roles and presentations with the affective states and actions at work of Kahn, also based on Goffman’s roles and presentations. Scherer as well as Kahn following Allpart consider Culture, attitude and behavior based on repeating patterns. This insight, in particular the seven levels of Scherer, is decisive in the success of change processes. Jurafski makes the connection with artificial intelligence. Rothbard is necessary to define very clearly what we mean by what words. Many terms are used both in and out of use.

Based on all these insights, we have made useful insights and handles for your organization!

Listening to you and your organization!

We think it starts with this, listening. We listen to you in a special way. We also listen to what is not said, to blind spots, ineffective patterns. We are happy to visit you.

The culture, attitude and behavior what is that about?

Culture eats strategy for breakfast…!

We can think of what we want, without taking our culture with us, in one way or another, our change ambition will be almost hopeless. How?

The connection with the 'current' culture?

The current CEOs (mostly generation X) are different from their perspective than their successors (generation Y). These successors are different from the ‘now’ generation! All these facets influenced your business process. Not to mention cross-cultural cohesion in this. And how next?

Our pedagogical perspective and science?

Behavior is from all times and from all countries, from all cultures. How we relate to each other, our attitude, is ultimately a very complex matter. To get well prepared now, a reliable foundation and vision is very important.

Daniel Kahneman, Ken Wilber, Friedrich Wilhelm Fröbel, Geert and Gert Hofstede, Floyd and Gordon Allport, Klaus Scherer, Nietzsche, Kant, William Kahn are all important players in the domain of culture, attitude and behavior!

Our step-by-step plan

From almost a lifetime of experience, postdoctoral change management (RUG-university), inspired by colleagues, we have been able to develop a detailed step-by-step plan. Various process solutions (including MMA, Lean, Agile, Prince2) integrated with culture, attitude and behavior come together here.

Insight into our future, which scenarios?

With the past behind us, which has led us to the now. Our step-by-step plan in order, only where to then? From our insights into globalization, cultural diversity, China that owns half the port of Rotterdam (and also has a major interest in Africa), where does that go? Scenario analyzes are conditional!

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