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What we offer is the ability to pinpoint issues precisely, helping you identify the right course of action, or what to refrain from doing, at least for now. We provide a comprehensive understanding of the broader perspective on change. You have the flexibility to choose a scope that suits your needs, neither too broad nor too narrow. We excel in scenario analysis, whether short-term or long-term, and we consider the cultural influences on both customers and employees.

Our expertise lies in understanding people, their behavior, attitudes, and how these manifest in a professional context. We also delve into group dynamics and their impact on outcomes, even when leadership qualities are present, potentially leading to suboptimal results. We can guide you in mitigating such challenges.



Introduction, the first exploration

Navigating complex change processes

Whether operating as an interim professional, consultant, or trainer, we comprehend the often underestimated and undervalued intricacies of change initiatives. Imbalanced project phases and inadequate support will lead to unnecessary challenges. Leveraging our understanding of the root causes and necessary follow-up actions, we bring tranquility and clarity to your operations. This enables you to steer with prudence from a vantage point. Additionally, our approach encompasses the integration of new employees and the implementation of a robust anti-fallback strategy.

Cultivate and incorporate teams

Teams facing challenges often need to enhance their internal dynamics and their interactions with their immediate environment by fostering respect, appreciation, communication, and knowledge transfer. These processes can often be significantly improved, both at the organizational and individual levels, in collaboration with the overseeing body. Additionally, addressing the persistent tendency of reverting to old behavior is a key aspect of our approach.

Corporate Coaching

The strategic individuals play a pivotal role in this scenario. Through coaching they will personally discover how to enhance their effectiveness in their role. Subsequently, based on their firsthand experience, they can advocate for a broader implementation. In this context, the individual’s interests take precedence, and once understanding and commitment are established, the next phase unfolds. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the risk of reverting to old habits always looms in such situations, and we address this within our approach.


Drawing from behavioral insights and understanding relapse patterns, we possess the knowledge required to achieve lasting integration. With these insights, we can assure the success of your investment.


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Research & Analysis

Since 1996, we have consistently been involved in researching and analyzing the attitude and behavior of individuals within a professional setting.

Roadmap planning

Changes typically demand altered behavior and a different attitude.

Transforming one’s attitude and behavior is seldom achievable over a weekend; it necessitates repetition, as the risk of relapse may persist even after several years.

We possess the expertise to facilitate a sustainable transition of attitudes and behavior into a new context.

Execute & Monitor

We have designed a training program that enables us to address the attitudes and behaviors of individuals involved. Additionally, we collaborate with KeenCorp BV to measure the changes in these behaviors. They have created a psycholinguistic algorithm that allows us to monitor the impact of our interventions.


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