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What results can you expect from us, what can we promise you, what can you trust with us?


We cannot do everything …

What can we do?

What we can do for you is get things sharp, put your finger on the sore spot, so that you know what to do, or what (not yet) shouldn’t do. Insight into the total change perspective. You choose, not too big and certainly not too small. Scenario analysis, short or longer term, cultural influences of the customer or the employee.

Our specialty is people, its behavior, attitude and how this is expressed in a professional environment. How the group dynamics, despite the leadership qualities, lead to a different result, a suboptimal residual result… How to avoid this…



Introduction, the first exploration

Guiding complex change processes

From an interim, consultant or trainer position. Compexity underestimated and poorly recognized, project phasing not balanced, lack of support. From our insight into the causes of this and the necessary follow-up steps in this, we ensure peace and overview at You. And you can steer carefully from an overview. We also include the integration of new employees and an anti-fallback policy in our approach.

Develop and integrate teams

Faltering teams that work together often have to do both internally and towards their immediate environment with respect, appreciation, contact and transfer. These processes are often emphatically capable of being improved. Both on the organization and on the human level. This of course also in consultation with the umbrella organization. Behavior also has a persistent characteristic of falling back into old behavior. We include this phenomenon in our approach.

Corporate Coaching

The strategic individual plays a decisive role. This person will experience how he can work more effectively. Then from own experience the connection can be made for a larger rollout. First and foremost, the interest of the individual applies here, and after insight and commitment have emerged, the next step comes. Here too, a relapse in old behavior is always lurking. We include this in our approach.


We know from behavioral characteristics, moments of relapse, what is needed to achieve sustainable integration. Your investment can be guaranteed based on these insights.


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Research & Analysis

Since 1996, we have been continuously engaged in research and analysis of the attitude and behavior of people in a professional environment.

Roadmap planning

Changes almost always require different behavior, a different attitude.
Attitude and behavior can rarely be changed in a weekend. Repetition is essential, relapse is sometimes lurking even after years.
We know how we can sustainably take attitudes and behavior into a new situation.

Execute & Monitor

We have developed a training program that allows us to work with the attitude and behavior of those involved.
In addition, we work with KeenCorp BV to measure this behavior. They have developed a psycholinguistic algorithm with which we can follow our interventions.


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